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BAI-ID of Player (As on July 19, 2017)

By Initials
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15599Ayush SinghUP12/Sep/2002M*
22936Ayush AvachatTN28/Jan/2007M*
21941Ayush KumarRAJ27/May/2007M*
18876Ayush GogoiASM09/May/2006M*
3921Ayush MelwaniPY18/Oct/1995M&
18726Ayush SharmaDLI25/Feb/1999M*
23931Ayush AgarwalUP24/May/2003M*
24033Ayush ThakurHP15/Nov/2002M*
23774Ayush PatelUP21/Sep/2002M*
16697Ayush ToshniwalKTK09/Sep/2006M*
2204Ayush MauryaUTR29/Oct/1992M*
3175Ayush GautamHAR29/Apr/1997M*
2336Ayush RawatGUJ22/May/1993M&
6512Ayush AgarwalAP24/Oct/1994M*
19297Ayush HAR10/Aug/1999M*
19237Ayush DashORI03/Apr/2003M*
7399Ayush KanungoMP22/Aug/1996M*
7697Ayush GuptaMP21/Mar/1996M*
7173Ayush GargDLI06/Aug/1997M*
14624Ayush GoyalASM29/Sep/1996M*
14796Ayush UrsKTK01/Nov/2004M*
17344Ayush TyagiDLI01/Jan/1996M*
22285Ayush SurajKER07/Feb/2007M*
24317Ayush DeyORI06/May/2003M*
7971Ayush Anand BauraiUTR03/Sep/2001M*
22490Ayush Kumar Singh UP10/Jan/2004M*
19199Ayush Pratap Singh CG21/May/2004M*
16982Ayush Raj GuptaUP30/Jul/2003M*
10047Ayush Udipta BoraASM01/Oct/2003M*
2433Ayushi RawatUTR16/Apr/1996F*
16031Ayushi DodhwalDLI11/Jun/2004F*
8540Ayushi PriyaJAR07/Jun/1999F*
18389Ayushi HAR30/Jun/2004F*
2437Ayushi Sharma MPNot AvailableF
6689Ayushi UTR23/Feb/1995F*
9399Ayushi SinghHAR06/Dec/1999F*
19240Ayushi KarORI12/Apr/2003F*
12891Ayushi SharmaTN23/Dec/2003F*
9810Ayushi BhargavaRAJ15/Sep/2000F*
19334Ayushi DhasmanaUP14/Oct/2003F*
5740Ayushi NayakGUJ12/Nov/1997F*
20446Ayushi BhatKTK25/Dec/2005F*
5619Ayushi DubeyMP03/Jul/1995F*
10911Ayushi VasavaGUJ21/Nov/1999F*
21604Ayushman NandiWB05/Feb/2005M*
11909Ayushmn SaikiaASM22/Sep/2004M*
4083Ayyappadas M. KER06/Jun/1995M*
608Ayyappan KrishnanKER04/Oct/1985M#@%
4201Azaad DLINot AvailableM
8098Azad Mohd. UP22/Aug/1999M*
5733Azad SinghUP15/Aug/1995M*
13599Azad RanaHAR14/Dec/1998M*
7489Azad Chandrasheker ManepalliAP27/Jun/2001M*
3042Azad Singh VindiASM15/Aug/1990M*&
15505Azam Mohd.UTR01/Apr/1996M*
2260Azan-Ul-Haq MirJ&K20/Sep/1992M*
11033Azar DaimaryASM01/Oct/1970M*
4400Azariah Temotheous ChullaiMEG22/Jul/1998M*
2916Azaruddin S. K.AP01/May/1996M*
5945Azarudheen A. MohamedTN13/Aug/1994M*
11803Azaruthin K.TN22/Sep/1998M*
7895Azeez MehtaHAR31/Aug/1997M*
12061Azhaan MD.WB13/May/2002M*
5469Azhagesh S. M. TN18/Jun/1973M*
12943Aziz Ur Rehman YaksamniKTK25/Apr/2000M*
13094Aziz Uddin AhmedASM19/Nov/1993M*
17338Aziz-UL-Rehman KhanJ&K01/Feb/1992M*

Birth Date Verification Remarks symbols meaning:
% - As per the Bio-data sheets signed by the player.
$ - Variation as per BAI records.
# - As per BAI register.
* - As per Birth Certificate in appropriate format verified.
@ - As per School Nationals Records.
& - As per Birth Certificate but not in prescribed format.

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