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BAI-ID of Player (As on Aug 18, 2017)

By Initials
Showing 1201 to 1300, Total 4251 results found.
14023Ajay MohtaMP29/Sep/1958M*
10915Ajay SrivastavaMAH31/Jan/1967M*
2057Ajay JainUTRNot AvailableM
2837Ajay KumarBHRNot AvailableM
17408Ajay Iyer RamnathKTK28/Jan/2006M*
213Ajay Kanwar DLI05/Dec/1969M*
19136Ajay KumarUP29/Nov/2001M*
11074Ajay DhankharHAR17/Oct/2001M*
3375Ajay K. B. KTK16/Nov/1987M*&
19093Ajay PatilKTK06/Dec/2004M*
11271Ajay ThatteMAH06/Jun/1964M*
6817Ajay BaruaASM08/Jan/1970M*
9020Ajay VigMAH28/Jun/1968M*
19576Ajay BrahmnalkarMAH06/Aug/1955M*
13773Ajay RawatUTR24/Mar/1995M*
21447Ajay MochiRAJ17/Jun/1991M*
2656Ajay PatilKTK18/Mar/1992M*
1827Ajay YadavUP01/Dec/1991M*
7060Ajay ManchandaCHG10/Dec/1961M*
6579Ajay S.KER16/Dec/1991M*
7834Ajay BhargavaPNBNot AvailableM
6948Ajay PatelUP05/Oct/1996M*
21934Ajay ChoudharyRAJ14/Jan/1998M*
8559Ajay KumawatRAJ04/Apr/2001M*
62Ajay MathurUP16/Mar/1972M
7704Ajay MeenaRAJ26/Jun/1997M*
7045Ajay BhagwatMAH08/Jun/1968M*
1384Ajay JaiswalMP27/Nov/1988M
1718Ajay PaulTPR28/Dec/1986M*
662Ajay SunilKTK22/Jan/1987M
9154Ajay NihlaniCG18/Jan/1977M*
15787Ajay Kumar DhankharHAR17/Oct/2003M*
18691Ajay MaratheMAH06/Dec/1988M*
24212Ajay BharadwajKTK16/Jan/1997M*
24928Ajay SureshTN08/Dec/2006M*
24267Ajay A.V.KER10/Mar/2001M*
14049Ajay Abhishek B.TN18/Nov/2002M*
2091Ajay Aditya S. TN27/Oct/1998M*
23357Ajay Athish A.TN21/Aug/2002M*
4834Ajay Babu C.AP19/Jun/1993M*
15314Ajay Balaji S.TN28/Dec/1998M*
7499Ajay Jacob AlexanderKER02/Apr/2001M*
14837Ajay Krishna V.KTK25/Jan/2006M*
5861Ajay Kumar N.KTK04/Jul/1996M*
18256Ajay Kumar SainiRAJ14/Mar/1997M*
17265Ajay Kumar UP24/Feb/1972M*
9237Ajay Kumar AroraUTR03/Jul/1966M*
1832Ajay Kumar K. TS10/Sep/1991M*
19207Ajay Kumar GurjarRAJ12/Sep/1997M*
14516Ajay Kumar UTR26/Dec/1977M*
9032Ajay Kumar SangaORI09/Jan/1963M*
16236Ajay Kumar HAR10/Jul/1962M*
23662Ajay Kumar MahajanUP27/Dec/1969M*
22017Ajay Kumar SaraswatUP15/Nov/1981M*
14525Ajay Kumar SharmaRAJ14/Oct/1976M*
16794Ajay Kumaran V.K.TN27/Aug/2001M*
20538Ajay Pal ChauhanUTR30/Dec/1994M*
21172Ajay Pratap Singh JadounUP05/May/2000M*
15009Ajay Satish Kumar NairKER14/Jun/1999M*
3621Ajay Shrinivass C. TN20/Aug/1998M*
2905Ajay Singh Y. MNP01/Apr/1996M*
3162Ajay T. JosephGOA30/Jan/1993M*
22095Ajay Varma Sri VatsavayaAP11/Oct/2001M*
21511Ajay Vishwa M.AP10/Jan/1999M*
22842Ajayan George RegisKER19/Apr/1961M*
4809Ajeet KumbharMAH22/Mar/1996M*
11494Ajeet SinghUP27/Sep/1976M*
80Ajeet PhatakMAH28/Feb/1984M#@
20833Ajeet Kumar Ashutosh BHR22/Nov/2003M*
22529Ajinkya SavantGOA27/Mar/1996M*
7788Ajinkya PatharkarMAH14/Nov/2000M*
7579Ajinkya JoshiKTK07/May/2002M*
5014Ajinkya PatilMAH26/Mar/1992M*
5898Ajit DesaiMAH13/Apr/1993M*
262Ajit HaridasTN01/Sep/1974M#
23285Ajit ThatteMAH08/Jul/1959M*
5460Ajit ShahWB13/Jul/1961M*
20280Ajit SinghJAR26/Dec/1953M*
22627Ajit JayaliKTK26/Dec/1961M*
6189Ajit R.TN09/Aug/1996M*
7046Ajit KelkarMAH19/Dec/1965M*
25378Ajit GuptaUTR25/Jul/1971M*
81Ajit UmraniMAH17/May/1979M#
14387Ajit SamuelTN22/Oct/1973M*
11Ajit WijetilekkKER03/Jun/1976M# *
21055Ajit KumarDLI10/Jan/1991M*
11584Ajit Kumar RajaveluTN08/Jul/1999M*
14921Ajit kumar SinghUP05/Jun/1959M*
17283Ajit Kumar JAR02/Apr/1963M*
23354Ajita RavindranMAH26/May/1973F*
4514Ajith R.PY19/Apr/1996M*
16924Ajith GuduruAP13/May/1996M*
15948Ajith Albert Gunaseelan S.TN15/Nov/1997M*
16461Ajith Kumar S.TN15/Jul/1996M*
22081Ajith Kumar S.TN15/Oct/2000M*
2331Ajith Reddy A. S. AP20/Aug/1996M*
1008Ajitha Selvi J. PY19/Sep/1986F#*
21998Ajithesh Kishan Komal NoonelaAP03/May/2006M*
5088Ajithkumar GopinathKER26/Aug/1963M*
17670Ajithram DeepakKTK29/Mar/2001M*

Birth Date Verification Remarks symbols meaning:
% - As per the Bio-data sheets signed by the player.
$ - Variation as per BAI records.
# - As per BAI register.
* - As per Birth Certificate in appropriate format verified.
@ - As per School Nationals Records.
& - As per Birth Certificate but not in prescribed format.

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