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Coach Level 2

The BWF Coach Level 2 launched in December 2013 is an Advanced Coaching Award catered for Badminton Coaches interested to Plan and Deliver a one year training programme.

Currently available in English – soon to be available in Spanish, other languages are inline to be translated to accommodate the different nationalities.

The Coach Level 2 consists of the What to Coach – and How to Coach – similar to Level 1. However, the topics covered will explain in more detail the scope rational and expectations of a Level 2 coach. The aim is to broaden the knowledge and skills of Level 2 Badminton Coaches.

The resources are:

  • Coaches' Manual – the Learner’s Manual containing all the factual information to support coaches taking the BWF Level 2 course. It contains 11 modules – highlighting in more depth the HOW to Coach, WHEN to Coach and WHAT to Coach of a Badminton Coach.
  • Tutors' Manual – a Coach Educator/Tutors’ booklet for Coach Level 2 Tutors delivering the BWF Level 2 course.
  • Video Clips – supporting video clips, which gives a demonstration of the exercises covered in the Coaches Manual. It covers the technical, physical testing and the physical training aspects. The videos are readily available at BadmintonWorld.Tv

Requirements of the BWF Coach Education Level 2 course:

  • A BWF Certified Level 1 Coach - or equivalent
  • Players with National/International Badminton experience
  • Motivated and Enthusiastic Badminton Coaches

To find out more details of the BWF Coaches Manual Level 2, please follow the Step-by-Step Instructions below:

STEP 1: Complete the Registration Form HERE

STEP 2: Log in details will be sent to you, but please allow approximately 48 hours to be granted access to the Learning Portal.

STEP 3: LOG IN to the Coach Education Learning Portal HERE

Questions?? Contact Us:

BAI Development Team


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