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BWF Player-ID

By Initials
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9574Aparna POPAT18/01/1978F
51651Aparna BALAN09/08/1946F
52783Apinderpal SINGH05/05/1965M
97262Arathi Sara SUNIL01/10/1994F
97548Aravind S.18/11/1990M
89015Archana BERA06/06/1998F
83103Archana M03/08/1997F
673Archana DEODHAR02/02/1971F
3138Aritra NANDI30/11/-0001M
98935Arjun M.R.11/05/1997M
56207Arjun Kumar Reddy MALGARI21/12/1991M
54044Arjun Reddy POCHANA21/12/1982M
65973Arsalan NAQVI17/11/1996M
97233Arsheen Syed SAADATH29/04/1996F
55448Arun VISHNU02/08/1988M
48881Arun MANO30/11/-0001M
73862Arun NANDALURI06/12/1989M
52475Arun POOVAIAH15/04/1958M
88003Arun GEORGE08/11/1995M
88026Arun Kumar ASHOK KUMAR12/01/1991M
21036Arundhati PANTAWANE02/09/1989F
74163Arunkumar PALEPU10/04/1992M
12568Arup BAIDYA08/12/1980M
43533Arvind GANGANI30/12/1968M
15319Arvind BHAT07/06/1979M
85023Arvind JOSHI10/06/1951M
67956Arzoo THAKUR15/05/1994F
97075Asher RICHARDSON14/01/1993M
78971Ashish SHARMA12/07/1992M
84749Ashok KUMAR15/11/1963M
84345Ashwin KHANOLKAR08/04/1952M
49765Ashwini PONNAPPA18/09/1989F
54052Ashwini Chowdary A. L.12/06/1986F
59210Avinash SHARMA01/01/1980M
99531Ayyappan KRISHNAN04/10/1985M
6775Aza HUSSAIN30/11/-0001M
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