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BAI-ID of Player (As on Mar 20, 2019)

By Initials
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12908Wahid AnsariJAR18/May/1996MActive*
9534Wahid ThakiyudeenKER08/Dec/1998MActive*
19168Wakani ToiMEG01/Feb/2001FInActive*
8242Wakeel HamzaPNB28/Apr/1997MActive*
468Walimbe PoonamMAH03/Feb/1984FInActive#&%
7559Walusha AwnooryKTK18/Nov/1999FActive*
23021Wamika E L SKER23/Sep/2007FActive*
6372Wangthoi Meitei N. MNP28/Nov/1998MActive*
33632Wangyal LepchaSKM25/Apr/1996MActive*
4298Waseem AhmedAP09/Feb/2000MInActive*
15936Waseem Akram MahammedAP27/Apr/1989MActive*
5046Waseem Akram ShaikAP15/May/1996MActive*
9685Waseem Khan G.KTK04/Oct/1999MActive*
7174Washim UllahASM01/Sep/1994MActive*
11438Wasi S.M.JAR01/Jan/1945MActive*
15918Wasim ShaikhMAH15/Jun/1996MActive*
32908Wasim ,PNB20/Jan/2004MActive*
6972Wati Ao NNAG12/Sep/1959MActive*
24121Watinaro PongenNAG24/Apr/1997FActive*
25813Watizulu Jamir.SNAG08/Mar/1972MActive*
33496Watran Banjop SyiemMEG06/Jul/1960MActive*
33684Wayne FernandesGOA15/Feb/1977MActive*
33702Wayne FernandesGOA15/Feb/1977MActive*
31425Wazir Chand GoyalHAR20/Feb/1945MActive*
28188Wazir Chand GoyalHAR20/Feb/1945MActive*
870Wewute ,NAG25/Dec/1986MInActive
20030Wilfred JacquesGOA12/Oct/1970MActive*
22983Willbing ,ASM12/Feb/2003MActive*
19351William RoyKTK30/Nov/2007MActive*
14780Wilson ShullaiMEG01/Feb/1998MActive*
23122Wilson Cipriano D'SouzaGOA28/Mar/1966MActive*
26539Win JosephMP17/Feb/2002MActive*
24437Win Revans B.TN21/Nov/2002MActive*
27078Win Sun Chen MP06/Jul/1967MActive*
6142Winona S.TN19/May/2001FActive*
5127Wrishalee PatilMAH09/Jan/1971FActive*

Birth Date Verification Remarks symbols meaning:
% - As per the Bio-data sheets signed by the player.
$ - Variation as per BAI records.
# - As per BAI register.
* - As per Birth Certificate in appropriate format verified.
@ - As per School Nationals Records.
& - As per Birth Certificate but not in prescribed format.

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