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  1. The Supreme Authority of the Association shall rest in the General Council.
  2. The General Council shall consist of the President, Senior Vice- President, Eight Vice Presidents, Four Ex-Officio Vice Presidents as Chairman of:
    • Tournament Committee;
    • COC (Court Officials Committee)
    • Finance Committee & Administration Committee;
    • Coaching & Development Committee.
    Honorary Secretary General, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary – Tournaments, Honorary Secretary – Coaching & Development, Technical Advisor, Eight Joint Secretaries of the Association and 16 representatives of the Member Association.
  3. No General Council Member shall become a member or an official of any another Association or organization in Badminton with similar aims and objects.
  4. No member or an official of any one Member Association of BAI shall be a member or an official of any other Member Association of BAI.
  5. The Executive Committee shall nominate two advisors, one for Coaching and one for International Relations.

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