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22. Amateur Eligibility Code, Reinstatement & Prohibition

22.1 Amateur eligibility code

  • To be eligible to compete in competitive play as an amateur, a player must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association and shall be governed by the regulations of the IBF.
  • A Player may be a physical education or sports teacher for instruction in the game.
  • Accept during the period of preparation actual competition, under the sanction of the Association.
  • Accept assistance administered thorough his / her Association for food and Lodging. Cost of Transport and Travel. Pocket money to cover incidental expenses, Insurance cover in respect of accidents, illness personal property and disability Personal sports equipment and clothing. Cost of medical treatment, physiotherapy and authorised coaches.
  • Accept compensation in case of necessity to cover financial loss resulting from his or her absence from work or basic occupation, on account of preparation for or participation in Badminton events within the country or outside the country. The compensation must be paid with the approval of the Association.
  • Accept prizes upto limit Rs. 2,000/- for any one event in any one tournament.
  • Accept academic and technical scholarships.
  • A Player may not:
    • Allow his / her person, name, picture or sports performance to be used for advertising except when the Association enters into a contract for sponsorship or equipment. All payments must be made to the Association and not to the individual.
    • Be a professional Coach

22.2 Reinstatement

Reinstatement to amateur statue shall be granted to a player, generally recognized as a professional, only by the Badminton Association of India or by a Committee appointed by it. This shall apply to any player who shall previously have been declared professional by the Association and to any player generally recognized as a professional. Any decision of the Association, and term of that decision, shall be final, and shall be given such publicity as deemed necessary.

22.3 Prohibition

  • No player in India, if invited to play outside India, shall play in any tournament which has not been duly sanctioned, nor in any tournament or competition prohibited by the Committee or an organisation. No organisation or club affiliated to an organisation shall accept the entry of any player who has been prohibited from taking part in any open tournament or competition.
    No player in India shall play in any open tournament or exhibition game outside India without the permission of the Association.
  • In the event of any rule, regulations and bye-laws being flouted by any affiliated unit, the Executive Committee can stop the affiliated unit from Organisation or participating in any tournament for a period to be specified. Likewise the affiliated Units can exercise similar power on their district units.
  • No affiliated units or associations shall amend their constitution without the prior approval of the BAI.
  • No player or official can criticize the Association or its units through public media.
  • Any Badminton player who fails to participate in the Four Major Tournaments and the Prize Money Tournaments above Rs. One Lakh and selection tournaments for the National Teams - thus disregard the interest of the country without satisfying the Committee with reasons for doing so shall not be permitted to participate in any tournament abroad on private basis.

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