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  • The Annual General Meeting of the Council shall, as far as possible, be held before end June of the same year at a time and place as the Executive Committee may fix;
  • Twenty one clear days notice of all General Meetings shall be sent under certificate of posting to all the authorized and eligible representatives of affiliated units, associates, office bearers and Committee members of the Association whose names are in the records of the Association. In the case of Annual General Meetings, the notice shall be accompanied by a printed or cyclostyled Annual Report and audited Statement of Accounts for the previous year.
  • Notice of resolution to be moved at any meeting of the General Body shall be sent in writing to the designated Hon. General Secretary at least one week prior to the issue of the meeting notice. Resolution to be moved at the Annual General Meeting shall be included in the Agenda.
  • The business at an Annual General Meeting shall include:
    • (a) Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting if any held;
    • (b) Adoption of the Annual Report;
    • (c) Passing of the audited statement of account and the budget estimate presented by the Executive Committee;
    • (d) The election of the officers and members of Executive Committee. (This item shall be included in the Agenda of every quadrennial General Meetings and not every Annual General Meeting).
    • (e) Appointment of Auditors;
    • (f) To fix up the venue and dates of the Inter-state and National Badminton Championships;
    • (g) To consider valid resolution, amendment or alteration in any rule as passed and approved by the Executive Committee of Badminton Association of India and the same shall be circulated to the members along with the agenda.
13.2 Extra Ordinary General Meeting
  • An Extra Ordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by a resolution of the Executive Committee or on a requisition addressed to the President with copy to the Hony. General Secretary in writing of atleast one fourth of the members of the Association or at the discretion of the President to consider such matters as may be mentioned in the Resolution or Requisition or as many be indicated by the President. Hony. General Secretary shall give not less than 21 days’ notice of such meeting to all members and shall also circulate, with the notice a copy of the agenda. No other business shall be transacted at such meetings.
  • In case such a meeting is not called within 6 weeks of the receipt of the requisition, then the members signing the requisition shall have a right to call such meeting after giving due notice to the members.
  • In case of an emergency, the President in his discretion may convene a meeting at shorter notice.

13.3 Special General Meeting

The name or the rules of the Association may be amended by additions, deletions, changes etc. by resolutions passed at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose of which written or printed notice shall have been delivered or sent by post to every member of the Association 21 days prior to the date of the Special General Meeting, and the resolutions proposing the amendments is passed by two-third votes cast in favour of the resolution by the members of the Association.

13.4 Attendance, voting rights and mode of voting at General Meetings
  • Each affiliated unit which has conducted a National Championship shall be entitled to nominate two delegates and the others, one delegate each to represent it at every General Meeting.
  • Such delegates shall either be the office bearers or members of the Executive Committee of the respective member organisations.
  • The name of each delegate shall be sent or given in writing by the Secretary of the affiliated unit he/ she is to represent, to the Honorary General Secretary of the Association before the General Meeting along with the nomination.
  • The voting right shall vest with authorized & eligible delegates as defined in rule and who are not disqualified under rule 8.2 and rule 18.
  • Save as provided otherwise in these rules or by-laws, voting shall be by ballot and not by show of hands all decisions and any amendment to the constitution shall be taken by majority of at least two-thirds of the cast votes.
  • The Minutes of all the meetings of the Council shall be recorded by the Honorary General Secretary and after the approval of the President, they shall be circulated to the members, within two months from the date of meeting.
13.5 Quorum

At any General Meeting of the Council, 1/3 of the total members of the Council shall form a quorum. If at any meeting there is no quorum, the meeting shall stand adjourned and shall be held after one hour at the same place and at the same time. No quorum shall be necessary at this adjourned meeting. Except for want of quorum, no meeting of the Council once shall be adjourned unless two-thirds of the members present ask for such adjournment.


The quorum should be 60% if there is any amendment to the constitution.

13.7 Chairman at the General Meeting

The President or in his absence, Sr. Vice President or in his absence any one of the Vice Presidents or in absence of all of them, members present at the General Meeting, will elect a Chairman from amongst them and he / she will preside at any General Meeting and shall have casting vote besides his / her vote in the case of equality of votes or any question / an item on agenda.

13.8 Right to Interpret Rules

At any General Meeting, the Chairman shall have the sole right to interpret the Rules and decide all points of order or procedure raised by members and his/ her decision shall be binding and final.

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